Just a thought

Just a thought and it's not even original. But Iron Man 3 has a trope commonly found in many superhero movies. It's an idea that was pointed out to me a few years ago, and Tony Stark makes a point of it himself in voiceover: It's the idea of a hero creating a villain, or sometimes, indeed, the villain or villains creating the hero.

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In The Amazing Spiderman, Oscorp - according to standard Spiderman lore, run by the Green Goblin - is home to the scientific lab where Peter Parker is bitten by the genetically enhanced spider, resulting in his gaining superpowers. In some Spiderman storylines, Peter in turn "creates" the second Green Goblin, Harry, who wants revenge upon the death of his father.

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Thor is banished from Asgard due to Loki's machinations - and he becomes a superhero.

Superman 2 sees the Man of Steel accidentally freeing General Zod and his fellow criminals from their mirrorlike jail in space, after Superman leaves Earth to innocuously detonate a hydrogen bomb and thwart a terrorist group's destruction of Paris.

Captain America's WW2 origin story involves a threat from a similar supersoldier on the side of the Axis powers - and the Cap is the response from the Allies.

There are far better examples, of course. Age old epic struggles, the rules of drama and conflict. Aristoteta... Aristotarian... it's the stuff about which the Greeks were writing millennia ago. Blah de blooh.

The second Iron Man sequel's storyline involves a similar scenario; a geeky chap with crutches approaches Stark at the turn of the millennium with a view to collaboration, only to be ignored and rebuffed in an ungracious and arrogant manner befitting the billionaire playboy. Cut to more than a decade later, and the geek is still mad. And Stark admits himself that he has created a monster. With a caveat or two (we're sometimes under the impression that Stark is more alone than he is), the movie contains some glorious twists. It's one of the better sequels in any franchise, and it's also probably the strongest Iron Man movie of the three.

Speaking of creating monsters, I'd like to place an order. And you listen to my demands very carefully coz I won't ask again. Here's what I want: A two-for-one deal. Coz it's ridiculous that you'd expect me to pay for both. The meaty one and the chickeny one with the peppers and the other veg. (You know the two I mean. [Squint.]) And I want a cheesy crust and a two litre bottle of cola. And a couple of sides. Mac and cheese. And garlic bread.