Amazing Places You Won't Believe Actually Exist

The Fields of Giant Berries, Mongolia

The vast Fields of Giant Berries on the Mongolian Steppes are transliterated into the phrase "The Berry Fields of Confusion" in Mandarin Chinese. Why so? Because anyone who goes into the fields has a difficult time finding their way out.

This is because every area of the fields looks the same as the next area. The berries are non-poisonous and are very nutritious, but they are not particularly palatable and are regarded as "non-spongiform" and "aporous" by botanists. They are said to taste not unlike a "gamey, fermented Asian elephant milk".

In the above image, you see the sun reflecting off a berry. This very occasional "spark event" in the fields is the only means by which it is possible to discern in which direction you are headed. This is because The Berry Fields of Confusion are the only place on Earth where the Spectral Laws of Diffraction come into play.

If you do catch a glimpse of our sun, you also need other instruments to calculate your direction, relative to the sun. Most of the time, your view of the sky is obscured by the giant berries. As seen from space, the Berry Fields of Confusion have been known to induce headaches because they look too fuzzy.

The further you travel into the Berry Fields of Confusion, the more difficult and squelchy the terrain gets. Even the berries themselves get darker. Since records began in 942 BC, more people have gone missing in the Berry Fields of Confusion than have been killed in all of the conflicts of the twentieth century.

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