Report: Clown vigilantism on increase in fast food restaurants

Second Dublin fast food restaurant clown assault in a week

Late last night, a group of teens taking part in a food fight at the 24-hour Finglas outlet of the McDonald's fast food chain was assaulted by a clown who emerged from an "Employees Only" room in the restaurant.

A Photofit of the Assailant

Shrieking and hissing at the youths, the clown incapacitated three of the teenagers with kicks and punches - seeming to flail wildly, but in fact showing incredible accuracy in his contact - before he pinned down a fourth young man, beating him in the head continuously with a Big Mac sandwich until the youth feigned a comatose state.

The clown's assault was over in a matter of minutes. He disappeared before the arrival of the emergency services.

It's the second time in a week that the clown has prevented what could be termed "rough play" in a Dublin fast food restaurant. An outlet in Stillorgan was the scene of a similar clown attack that broke up a drunken scuffle during the breakfast shift.

Those assaulted by the clown were unsure how badly they had been harmed, as their clown attacker used a liberal amount of ketchup in his assault - going to great lengths to open a large number of sachets of the condiment while he gloatingly held down his two victims. An eyewitness declared that the clown "seemed to relish it."

Although police are following a definite line of inquiry, whether the clown will strike again before he is apprehended remains unknown.