Man held over drugs find

Man held over drugs find

A man has been suspended over a shipment of cocaine by a no-nonsense copper in Leeds. Unnamed sources claim that the West Yorkshire Detective Inspector attached a harness to the suspect’s ankles in order to get him to reveal the source of a drugs find with an estimated street value of £50,000.

Photo courtesy of anotherview.

The arrested man – already known to police as having a fear of heights – was drawn up to a height of five metres before he gave detailed information about the source of the shipment, which had been found at a derelict warehouse. The man swore on his granny’s grave that he didn’t know the names of any of his accomplices.

However, the authorities have come away from the interview with very clear physical details on members of the gang of drug smugglers. West Yorkshire Police have made an appeal to the public, describing the men as “possible suspects, “persons of interest to our investigation and certainly, men we want to question”.

It is not known if the Detective Inspector will be “hauled over the coals” by his superiors and “asked to hand in his gun and his badge” after they have “thrown the book at him”.

The devil-may-care police detective appears to have got away with similar misconduct in the past - with few punitive repercussions.

Previously, a man had been hospitalised during a drugs seizure involving the same detective inspector. The victim is believed to have fallen ill in Leeds city centre after a mixup with prescription medication. The tough cop – off duty at the time – had used First Aid training to prevent the man from shaking too violently before the arrival of paramedics.