Give a little...

Look at Little PSY. PSY has to spend a lot of time at his local Kpop production factory.

Making this journey, he has to carry his family's clothes in a big basket atop his head. Some mornings, his father might have forgotten to take his cobras out of the basket from the night before. His father is an alcoholic snake charmer. His Asian body can't tolerate alcohol - it makes his cheeks flush and he feels groggy. But he tries his very best - for his family.

Snakes in the linen basket is a risk that little PSY has to take on a regular basis. He brings the damp clothes of his family - sometimes wringing wet, sodden because of the rain, or perhaps because the clothes are just out of the wash - to the hit factory, where he is expected to write his own music, unlike other hit factories in Korea, which employ songwriters.

But even worse, little PSY has to sit playing guitar in the Strum-Dry, until the clothes are completely free of water.

If there are no guitars free in the Strum-Dry, sometimes PSY has to play the harp. Or the lute. Or even the drum machine. In the Strum-Dry, a drum machine simply isn't viable. The clothing won't dry properly, and little PSY will be stuck there all day.

But let's start at the beginning: What if Little PSY had his own car and driver, to get him from his loving home to the song-writing studio?

For the price of a Manhattan hotel suite each night, you can support PSY and his family to get a car and a driver to bring them to the Strum Dry. The beauty of this system is that while the hotel guests spend their evenings in the height of luxury, PSY is across the other side of the globe, getting up to bring his clothes to the Strum Dry.
Image from Fitzpatrick Hotels.