An Early Childhood Chapter 21 Part 5


Continued from Part 4 of Chapter 21.

            Fletch lay on the dirt, gasping for breath, having just been shot by Michael Shadraff. Shadraff stood over him, laughing.

            “I had your sister before we killed her, Fletch,” he said with a leering cackle, “Now I’m going to have Tiptoft’s daughter before I do her in too.”

            “Did you know that she has hands for feet?” Fletch gasped, between retches. “Look at her. She looks like a chimp.”

            “Urgh,” Shadraff said, “That’s disgusting.”

Photo courtesy of John_X

            “I know,” Fletch said, “Paddy told me about her feet. And do you know something else?”

            “What’s that?”

            “I’m wearing a coat of chainmail.”

            Fletch kicked Shadraff in the face and the criminal fell back onto the dirt. Fletch leapt up and threw himself onto Shadraff and they both fell to the ground. As they lay struggling, Shadraff reached for his dagger which lay on the dirt beside them. He grabbed it, but at that moment Melanie stood on his hand. Simultaneously, Fletch began to tear at the skin of Shadraff’s cheek wildly. The criminal screamed and pulled himself to his feet, clutching his bloody face. He bent over in an attempt to recover his dagger once more, only to receive another kick in the face from Fletch. Shadraff fell to the dirt again. The two men got to their feet and Shadraff struck Fletch before he fully found his balance. Shadraff at last had the dagger in his grasp. He pulled it out of the dirt and allowed himself a bloodstained grin.

            “As I was saying, Fletch,” Shadraff said, “I had your sister before I killed her. Angela Combover. And I shagged that husband of hers – Constable Combover – as well. Of the now defunct R.I.C. R…I…C…R…I…P. That’s my motto. Muaahahahahaha. And now there’s nothing you can do about me getting hold of this girl, I don’t care what sort of feet she has.”

            Shadraff’s taunting filled Fletch with a renewed vim. He stood up and threw his first punch to turn Shadraff’s nostrils into a single orifice.

            Melanie winced and looked away, even though she was practically a chimp herself. That’s how disgusting it looked, that she’d be that disgusted.

Continued in Chapter 21 Part 6.