An Early Childhood Chapter 21 Part 4


 Continued from Part 3 of Chapter 21.

            Shadraff raised the dagger higher still, drawing up the tension even further. In his arm, now. The tension in his arm, rather than the story excitement. I'd known Shadraff was an evil so and so since he'd been the ringleader in the crucerfixion of my brother Lefty when he'd been known by his Irish name, Micheál O Seadhaghadha, but to kill a poor defenseless monkey woman was beyond contempt.

            Melanie shaking her head in fear, if you can imagine it.
Photo courtesy Dhammika Heenpella.

            Fletch raised his rifle with the speed of the wind and fired. The bullet hit Shadraff’s arm and he dropped the claymore and turned to meet his nemesis. Fletch dropped the now empty rifle.

            “Who are you?” Michael Shadraff wanted to know.

            “I’m Fletcher T. Curtis,” Fletch replied, drawing his pistol, “And in the name of the Irish Free State, I place you under arrest.”

            Shadraff cackled again, drew his own pistol and opened fire.

            Tancred and myself helped Mayor Tully back up into the house and tied him up.

            “You’re going to regret this,” Tully said.

            “I don’t know about that, your lordship,” I replied, “Once the Brits have been dislodged from our island the rebels will be in charge. And what am I, Tancred?”

            “A rebel,” Tancred said.

            “That’s right,” I said, “So you’re in trouble, your lordship. Serious trouble.”

            For good measure, I gave him a kick in the shin.

            “Ouch,” the mayor said.

            “Now, where are the rest of the conspirators?” I asked Tully.

            “I’m not going to tell you that,” Mayor Tully spat.

            I punched him in the face.

            “Where’s Jarlath O’Halloran? Where’s Leopold Cassidy? Where’s Bishop O’Brien?” I hit him on the mention of each name.

            “They’ve escaped—” Tully gasped, overcome by the blows and made all the more obliging into the bargain, “They’re at the dock – they’re going to take a boat down the river, following the British. Tiptoft and his regiment have taken a barge down the River Shandy to get reinforcements.”

Continued in Chapter 21 Part 5.