Kat Dennings's breasts do it again

The breasts of Kat Dennings - busty brunette Max Black in the television sitcom Two Broke Girls - have successfully carried the ratings success into its third season.

CBS announced the renewal of the hit series for the 2013-2014 broadcast season, with the decolletage of the actress once more succeeding where the writing, acting, and general tone of the sitcom have completely failed.

Contract negotiations between CBS and Dennings' bust had stalled late last year, but a Super Bowl commercial for 2 Broke Girls in February once more brought the breasts to the attention of network executives, reminding them of their prominence in the show's success.

In the initial stages of the show's production, CBS execs had been "lactose intolerant" when it came to recognition of the pair, believing that if the producers placed greater emphasis on the back-and-forth, spirited banter between Dennings and the blonde one, the sitcom might prove popular.

There was no discernible improvement in the dialogue over the passage of time, while Dennings' curvy shape has never lost its appeal - as this set of video captures, assiduously compiled over many hours - now shows.

The result? The network has renewed the multi camera sitcom, both the left one, and the right one - with the mammaries receiving a ten and fifteen thousand dollar raise per episode - respectively.