Fabulous Facts from the World of Entertainment

James Gandolfini only played a killer in The Sopranos.

But spare a thought for Charlton Heston, who in 1986 shot dead his Mexican gardener after a linguistic mixup. In casual conversation with his employer, the gardener addressed him several times as "Senor Heston, you old whorehouse!"

By the time Heston realized that his employee had in fact meant "you old warhorse", the Hollywood legend had retrieved a pistol from his estate mansion and shot his gardener four times in the chest and head. At the arraignment proceedings, through creative interpretation of California employment law and Heston's "shoot from the hip" old school Hollywood demeanor, the judge ruled that no trial was necessary, and the case was thrown out.

Heston's ready access to firearms was wasn't undermined until he died in 2008, when his use of guns became more problematic.

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