Joke Recycling

How to Recycle Your Old Jokes With Fresh New Material

Recycling your old jokes to make them more current? Here's a trick that might just work!
As an example, this is a joke from 2009 that will get them laughing:

After noticing a dip in the quality of the food at his restaurant, the manager asked his head chef for an explanation.

“We’ve had to make cuts,” the chef said. “We can’t buy the best of everything any more because the financial director has said that we can’t afford it.”

“He said that, did he?” said the manager.

“He told me that we have a budget for salaries, a budget for all the overheads, and a budget for the rent. After all that, there’s no accounting for taste.”
Photo courtesy of Blue moon in her eyes

Now, everyone would agree that that's a funny joke. But simply add the following line to the end of that old 2009 joke about the ongoing recession, to make it even more up-to-date:

“Why don’t we buy some of that cheap horsemeat?" piped up the manager. "People won’t even know the difference!”

Here is another old joke:

How do you spot a leopard on the African savannah?
You don't have to, because it's already spotted!

That clever joke plays on the ideas of a leopard's spots, and being spotted, as in being seen. But why not make the joke fresh and new, by introducing a witty line about the retirement of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI?

How do you spot a leopard on the African savannah?

You don't have to, because it's already spotted the pope, and it's gonna eat the pope. Anyway, it's about time the pope got off his big fat golden throne and retired, and stopped banging on about the gays and the Muslims like the fascist oik fathead that he is, and also as soon as he retires he should visit Africa so the leopard will chase him down and knock his pointy mitre off his stupid fat head and eat him, kind of like the horsemeat in the newspapers, and on the current affairs! What a stupid pope!
Photo courtesy of Blue moon in her eye. 

So bring your jokes right up to date today!

Look how easy it is: You take some old material...


And you replace it with new material!

Do it! Do it today!!!