Grey hair solutions

Numerous celebs have spent years trying to achieve a certain look. But if you're looking for a solution to grey hair, then look no further than some of the amazing image changes that ALL of the celebs have gone through! Not just George Clooney.

The word on the grapevine is that Kelly Osborne was tired of being overweight - so she took the heat off herself by dyeing her hair. Now people aren't saying she's fat - they're saying she's got grey hair!

When asked about it all, mom Sharon Osborne said:
"She did lose a lot of fucking weight. What are you fucking talking about, you shithead? You miserable fucker! Get away from me! You fucker!"

From Katy Perry all the way down to Kelly Osbourne - and maybe not even Katy Perry - all of the celebs are now dyeing their hair grey! So if you want a solution to grey your hair too - take a tip from the stars!

That's one star of Little Mix who mixed up a grey hair solution - AND CAME OUT LOOKING GREAT!

Katy Perry adds the years with this wonderfully distingushed grey bob!

And you'll be in the Pink with this celeb too. So if you're looking for a grey hair solution, try a pharmacy or a hairdresser. Responsible proprietors of businesses like these are reluctant to let you perform treatments like this, and they may refuse to sell you that blue rinse. Always remember to shop around and simply get it on the blue rinse black market!