Baby dolphin found on golf course

A baby dolphin - christened "Golfin" by his rescuers - fell from the sky to land on the fifteenth green of a golf course outside Hastings, Nebraska yesterday. The marine mammal - usually native to the Pacific - was placed in a wheelbarrow that was quickly converted into a bath before being taken away from the par five hole to a local aquarium center operated by a Caribbean registered company.
Image sourced from Wikipedia.

The fishlike airbreather - at most no more than a year old - is believed to have fallen from the talons of a bird of prey. It is also possible that the dolphin may have been sucked up into a tornado - or a sea based, similar whirlwind phenomenon known by fishermen and those who work in and near the sea off the Netherlands coastline as a "watersprooet".

The fifteenth green of the Kirkland Golf Resort first rose to prominence in 1987, when golf legend Jack Nicklaus lipped out of a sixty two foot putt to miss an eagle. More than a decade later, the same hole found fame again as Ernie Els used a six iron to scramble back from a double bogey and secure victory. Three years ago, the same hole featured in a game involving Irish golfer Padraig Harrington - who was just inches away from a condor, but strong winds got the better of him and he went in 8 under par instead of 9. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that the green has also been involved in a world class putt by American golfer Fred Couples.