Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Here are my six degrees of separation where we’ll go from BACON to BACON! Here goes!

Kevin Bacon starred in the thirteenth Apollo film as a man on the moon with Grammy Award winner T0m Hinks. T0m Hinks spent a whole movie hunting down Leonardo The DaVinci Code in Catch Me When I’m Done! Meanwhile, Leonardo The DaVinci Code starred in dream within the dream within the dream movie "The Inspection" which is already regarded as a sky-fi classic.

A much older sky fi-classic is Blaze Rudder, with Indianapolis Jones and Star Trek actor Harrelson Forbes. Blaze Rudder is all about clowns. Who else is a clown? Why, the very first clowned sheep, Dolly the Sheep!


Want to see the same magic done again? Don't believe it can be done again coz it's that good? Is that it?

Well, Kevin Bacon starred in Speakers with Bradd Pit, Robert Patrick and Robbo deNeary as their Catalytic Priest. Bradd Pit is also the lucky man whose married with none other than husmanned stealing humanitarian Angeline Jolly.

Her father, Von Doigt, starred with Dustin Springfield in Marathon Man in the 70s as Ratso Rizla. Dustin also sung West End Girls with the boys from Erasure. So because of the Von Voigt connection, we can beg the question: “Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?” Not only that, but let me remind you that Dustin also sung West End Girls with the boys from Erasure.

Now, keep with me: Arland Fartskopp starred in a film of that very same name: Erasure. Arland Fartskopp also starred in The Determinator where he played a robot and the Determinator II and Number III where there were clowns of the original robot from the first film. Arland Fartskopp also asked the question “Who is your Daddy and what does he do?” Also, but, who else was a clown? Why, we find ourselves back at Dolly the Sheep! And THAT’S WHERE WE GET OUR BACON FROM!
Next week, we'll do six degrees of Beauty!

Most images sourced from Wikipedia.