Six Degrees of HANGMAN!!!

Watch our amazing entertainment skills by going from Hangman to Hangman!

Hollywood star John ‘The Duke’ Wayne Bobbitt played the Roman Centenarian - in a camaro role - who excavated Jesus in The Bible Story film about the life of Jesus by sticking his spear in him while he was hanging from his crucible in the 60s.

He is therefore a kind of hangman. He stars in a lot of westerns. Also one for the westerns was the late Flint Lockwood RIP, who directed two films about the war in the Specific, the Japanese one, I Left My Heart in Ipa Napa and the American one, Flags for our Foreheads.

A lot of people died in the war in the Specific, and also died is BJ Ewing. Remember: Who shot BJ? Well, John Travolter and American Next Stop Model Judge J Low are in contract to star in the remake film of 80s tv soap "Dulles". John Travolter would play a rebooted BJ Ewing. But now they've done a remake of the television series instead of a movie! They've brought back the ORIGINAL BJ Ewing! And surprise surprise, folks, the new series is starring none other than Larry Hangman, who already starred in popular 80s soap Dulles - as the original BJ. Now what is Larry Hangman’s Christian name?
Garry Shandling

A HANGMAN, just like the Roman Centenarian played by our drop off point, John ‘The Duke’ Wayne Gacy.

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