Blue Peter phone in cover-up exposed

A Blue Peter phone-in competition in 2004 that involved the winner spending the night with Jimmy Savile has been exposed as fraudulent. Callers to the Blue Peter programme were given the impression that they could in fact be in with a chance of having a "Sleepover with Savile". However, the lucky prize winner - a television producer's niece - was in actuality handpicked from inside the BBC studios. Furthermore, there are reports circulating that she was not allowed anywhere near the late tv legend, and that repeated requests for the sleepover - from both Savile and the unnamed winner - were declined by television bosses.

Television viewers have already been left traumatised with recent reports that Jimmy didn't care much for young boys. When recording his show Jim'll Fix It for the BBC, Savile liked to have "a good, healthy group of girls - as many girls as I can get my hands on" in his studio. He was often heard telling studio technicians "I want to have a good group", pointing at the girls who were watching from behind the cameras.

Danny Price claims that Jimmy turned down the then ten-year-old's request to drive a tank in 1986, instead insisting that he permit his sister Katie to be "Princess Diana for a Day".

Having had a taste of fame, twice married Katie now courts celebrities assiduously. Paying thousands of pounds for plastic surgeries over the course of the last fifteen years, she has been romantically linked with big name footballers and Pop Idol winners. The novelist even has her own fashion line. Danny claims:
"She tries to get into polo club functions, but they turn her away. All because of Jimmy bloody Savile."

Katie today
Savile was a massively popular entertainment figure in Britain for four decades. The thousands of children who phoned the competition line that was given out by Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq during the 2004 programme will now be seeking compensation. Konnie Huq has herself been in hot water previously due to similar incidents. Known as "the Huqster", she colluded in the past with such accomplices as fellow presenter Steve Jones. In 2008, along with Jones, a number of acrobats and hundreds of members of the general public, Huq made an attempt to have a mashed potato throwing incident classed as a genuine world record because it was "The biggest indoor foodfight on trampolines in the world".

With the exposure of the latest scandal, Huq has been arrested and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.