Olympics commentary

Go Jeem TB!

So that Laura Trott won with her cycling. But that Victoria girl is the one doing the shampoo ads, claiming that her hair requires all the nutrients it can absorb because cycling is tough on the follicles!

The shampoo people backed the wrong horse. Trott notwithstanding, the shampoo cartel should've actually backed the horse and the chap who won the team gold medal in the show jumping.

 "I'm Nick Skelton. I'm pushing 60, and 10 years ago I broke my bloody neck. Why? Because in the main, I do a lot of show jumping...

That's why, in the mane, I like to rub a couple of dollops of Pantene Pro-V Plus in before the big events with my horse, Big Star. Because the extra vitamins...are essential!

And the results...are fabulous! Go Jeem TB!"