Doctor Wayne Fox the Psychic Card Reader

Hello. I'm Doctor Wayne Fox. I get the impression that you want to get in touch with me, but I haven't checked my cards yet. I don't know if I'm going to use the cards for this. It all depends on YOU. If I find myself getting a vibration from the token ring ethernet fibers - or even if you're contacting me using cloud computing technology - I might be able to work with you from the backend of the technology. I won't need the cards. Just from the vibrations. And the technology. At the back end. So call me, or you can contact Dame Trixibelle Fartyknickers or you can also contact Flahavan the Eunuch Psychic.

Amy Hi. My name’s Amy White. I need dating advice. I met this gorgeous guy called Zane for dinner. We’d been set up by my friend Ellen. He was a tanned, toned investment fund manager with sparkling blue eyes and blond hair. He took me for a wonderful meal in one of the best restaurants in the city.

When we were ordering our drinks, my date looked at the wine list and turned his attention to me. With a twinkle in his eye, he asked: “Will we order a bottle for the table? Or maybe you want a cocktail?”

“Diet Coke,” I told the waiter.

We got on really well. He was so sweet and witty. I don’t believe in fairy tales, but I really think he was the man of my dreams. After the date, I waited a few days. Each time my phone rang, my heart would jump. But he didn’t call and it’s been two weeks now since our date. I asked Ellen why he wasn’t interested in me and she said he had told her that it was because I had ordered sodas all night. She said he told her that he didn’t feel comfortable enough to relax and have a drink while I stayed sober. The thing is, I’m not a big fan of alcohol. I had a bad experience with it a while ago and even the smell of it makes me nauseous sometimes. I’ve found I don’t need drink any more to have a good time. I’m a changed person and a better person because of it. I used to rely on alcohol as a social crutch, but I realize now that sobriety opens your eyes to the wonderful gifts God has given us and I don’t feel the need to sugar-coat things through the haze of alcohol. If he’d taken the time to ask, he would have known all this about me. He might even have respected me for it.

Is there any way I can salvage the situation? I’d love to go to a bar with him some night to show that I’m not afraid of alcohol. If he gave me that chance, I know I could win his heart. I really think he could be the one for me. But at the same time, if he knows I don’t like to drink, do you think he would understand if I just stuck with the soda?

I’m nearly eight and a half months pregnant now and I want to avoid alcohol until I have my child.


Doctor Wayne: Amy: The numbers of your IP address indicate to me that yes, yes, yes, you should enjoy a drink. I'm also getting a man in your life though, a little man, a small man. I imagine that coming towards the end of your third trimester, you ought to see this little man emerge from somewhere very close to you. From somewhere - even - inside you. A little man, or a little woman. Well done, Amy.

And to the rest of you, if you seek Amy, get in touch with her!

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Madihah Hi Dr Liam Fox. My name Madihah al-Usaq. I’m needing of dating advise also. I’m liking with guy name Ahmed who do not enjoy lumber. He want marry and is pleasant and accurate, but badly on my side, my father is the most successful sales representative in the e-commerce department of a nationally-renowned furniture retailer. Because of why, I am part-time maker of tables. As an education, I go for good technical school in carpentry. I make the coffee tables and my father sell. Small cheap, big more money, no care.

The guy my liking Ahmed is good correct man. But he bad with hands. He no enjoying work wood. He say no money on workwood and sanding and polishing and not good for women. He laugh at me with mocking.

Since I don’t joke with my furniture it make me angry and serious to put many more interest on varnishing and other furniture actions and I don’t listen him. We fight. He say think better than work with hands. He point at head and say it most important thing. He say hard work for fools who no think. Then he show he smarter by say he know history and politics. He say me put on veil, even when work. It hard to work in veil and very hot. So I take off. When he come back in workshop and see me no veil. Then he blast me with fists.

But he so bad with hands, he blast me very, very wrong, so wrong that he mistake and I hammer him with table leg many times and he fall and I win fight. Now he even worse with hands. He spit lots now when talk slow and I wipe mouth for him. He like come to house in morning and sit in big wooden wheelchair in garden all day from sunrise with full-size smile. But morning damp hurt wheelchair and he already on wheelchair number 3. I add varnish but still big problem. I never make outside furniture before.

Please, please, please to say, how to stop dry rot on wheelchair?


Doctor Wayne: I'm getting an instinct about you, Madihah. Just from the numbers - and again, you don't have to take my advice - just from the numbers I really think that Ahmed is cheating on you in October of this year or May of next year. When he's moved to the home, the cheating starts. One of the two homes, one of the two homes, Madihah. Because the first one is too expensive. Let me know how that works out for you.

And don't forget to contact Flahavan the Extremely Eunuch Psychic as well.

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