Stand up comedians have the last laugh

A group of six stand up comics successfully beat a heckler into a coma in the Gents' toilets of the intimate Ha'Penny Bridge venue on the southside of the River Liffey last night.
Photo courtesy of fifties50s.

The heckler was found by two of the comedians as he relieved himself into a urinal after a torturous gig in the small Dublin pub, which plays host to various kinds of open mic nights on a regular basis. The comedians took advantage of the man's inability to defend himself, and started to beat him with a metal mop bucket, before being joined in the toilets by four more comedians armed with beer bottles, a microphone stand and a cash register.

It is the second assault by standup comedians in recent months. At the beginning of April, reviewer Frank Barry had at least one thumb on each hand removed by up-and-coming surrealist comic Peter Lynsey, who took exception to Mr. Barry's lukewarm "two thumbs down" for Lynsey's St. Patrick's Day headline gig at the Bray Arts Centre. Lynsey has been released on bail. You can catch his show in selected venues around the country.