Mineral opinions by members of the general public

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Members of the public are always eager to talk about soft drinks, whatever the time of day. Here is just a sample of views from the people on the streets.

"Are you ever feeling thirsty and you go into a newsagent's to get a drink and you look into the fridge and you see a particular brand of drink - now, I won't say the name - but just as an example we'll use Dr. Pepper - just as an example - and you think 'Ah, Dr. Pepper, I haven't had that in a while. Sure, what's the worst that could happen?' And then you pay for it and open the can, and you remember why you haven't had it in a while - you hate it! That always happens to me - every ten years or so." - Kevin from Dolphin's Barn.
Photo courtesy of Wyscan.

"Here, well - in most parts of Europe - if you like the taste of cough mixture, you have to buy a bottle of cough mixture. Unless you're in one of those exclusive newsagents of course! Drinking too much cough mixture, you risk an overdose, and you can be very drowsy and it can be very funny when you can't stand up. But over in the United Stayyaates, if you like the taste of cough mixture, you can buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper. Mmmmmm!" - Marianna, originally from Ljubljana, while closing her eyes and rubbing her belly.