Drogba Caught in encounter with a Gay Man

A week before his club won the Champion's League, it can now be revealed that Chelsea striker Didier Drogba was caught on camera having an encounter with a homosexual.

Drogba - hitherto believed to be happily married - was seen and heard chatting with the 49 year old gay man, who is said to have wished the footballer the best of luck for upcoming title matches. Hitherto.

The two men are rumoured to have met on the set of a popular BBC chat show. Clearly aware that he was on camera, Drogba appeared unfazed by the attention as he engaged with the man.

During the discussion, Drogba talked about his home country of the Ivory Coast. As the captain of his national soccer squad, he described how he and his teammates had pushed for talks to begin in order to end civil war in his homeland.

Drogba also detailed how he had set up an organisation in the Cote d'Ivoire in order to lure sick children to medical centres. Here, the centre forward explained, they would be able to receive life saving treatments of various kinds that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to get.

In what could have been an attempt to massage Drogba's ego, the 49 year old then listed a number of the honours the soccer athlete had received - particularly places and products in the Ivory Coast that now feature the football star's name.

Drogba was then asked by the gay man if he would show him some dance moves. Drogba appeared reluctant at first, but it wasn't long before he was dancing with the gay man after some encouragement.

It is not known how the encounter will be received by his family or his countrymen. Attempts to contact Mr. Drogba's wife for her views have been unsuccessful.