New Eircom bundle amazing, admits Eircom

In an amazing deal for new customers, Irish telecommunications giant Eircom is offering access to thousands of mainstream media sites as part of their new bundle. The deal is throwing its competitors into disarray, as consumers will now be able to access online newspaper articles and current affairs related video content from around the globe. Not only will the mainstream media sites be available, but remarkably, the Eircom bundle also offers access to sites that could be regarded by many as "niche, in terms of political views", such as the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks site.

Courtesy Brian Thomas Auker

Incredibly, on top of making available access to various news sources, the Eircom bundle also has the ability to access language learning facilities, information on the battles of the First World War (also known as the Great War), numerous gardening and guitar playing tips, news from Savannah, Georgia, the ability to listen to many different genres of music, the capacity to obtain information from government departments across the planet that have sole responsibility for fisheries in a given territory, the provision of aspects of technology that will allow a computer user to create and share specific links via email from the Internet, access to numerous fansites dedicated to the Pope, the office of the Pope, or his predecessors, and commentary on various aspects of the world of entertainment, including biographical information about David Bowie.

Courtesy Irene Chaney

The new bundle also includes the delivery of a surprising range of goods that can be ordered online, coming from the retailer straight to the door of an address specified by the buyer. Unbelievably, this offer also extends to fresh groceries.