Fabulous Facts from the World of Nature

Scientists have noted that the common mouse is so short in length that when it passes flatulence, the smell of the mouse’s brain can be detected in the expiring gas. This is because the mouse’s brain aromas, or cerebral rodential emissions, have far less distance to travel than that of more elongated species.

For this reason, male mice of high intelligence tend to flatulate a lot in order to prove their IQ to fertile females in the area. More dim-witted male mice, who don’t know any better, tend to flatulate just as much.


Theraphosa blondi, the world’s largest spider, is famed for eating birds’ eggs and even chicks in branches high above the Amazon jungle’s forest floor. However, due to intensive deforestation and massive city expansion near Sao Paolo, Brazil, the aggressive arachnid has taken to leaving upmarket bistros without paying for four-course meals. This is no accident of nature.

On being confronted on one occasion with the bill for a steak dinner by the restaurant manager after his meal, the hairy spider declared that he is entitled to eat whatever he wants for free, and if the manager doesn’t like it, then he can take his tiny tiddler, and - if he performs the miracle of stretching it enough - tuck it under his testicles and slip it into his anus where he knows what he can do with it. The tarantula-like creature then departed the restaurant to return unmolested to his nest in an affluent quarter of the city, where he lives rent-free at the expense of the other residents.


Britain’s red squirrel population, its only native species, is now undermined by the more competitive grey squirrel, first introduced to Britain in 1876. The displacement of the native species is seen internationally as severe enough to qualify as genocide, but the US State Department has toned down the claims by saying that only “acts of genocide” are taking place. Red squirrels are thought to defer to the grey squirrel’s more austere appearance, misconstruing the colour of its fur as a sign of great wisdom.

All images sourced from Wikipedia.