Polish woman leaves scene of hit and run to attend party, angering headline readers eager to read more

A Donegal based Polish woman on her way to a dinner party angered online newspaper readers over the weekend by leaving the scene of a hit and run accident on Friday. The woman, in her mid 20s, was driving at speed when a two year old was struck. She stopped her car, but left the scene of the incident while the two year old was clearly still seriously injured.

Online headlines such as "Polish woman flees accident scene to attend party" and "Polish woman (27) parties all night after hit and run of two year old (2and3/4)" provoked readers to such anger that they clicked the links into actual newspaper articles so that they could glean further details. Some readers were even ready to start hating more than one Polish person. A Dublin based Czech cigarette dealer was even thought of with some negativity by an anonymous Irishman.

The woman, who is known to locals as Ewelina (pronounced Ev-a-leen-a, not Yoo-leena), was unavailable for comment today as she was on a Bundoran beach taking part in what is known in Poland as "bunker putting practise".

It is believed, deep down in our heart of hearts, right to the very core, that she left the scene of the hit and run last Friday. After the car in front of her - driven by a drunk Irishman - struck a two year old Irish setter dog (which Ewelina mistakenly referred to as an "Irish settler dog" to friends later that evening), she stopped her car and contacted the local chapter of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Ewelina left the scene more than an hour later, after the arrival of a trainee vet and the animal's owner. The semi conscious dog was still in shock but is now recovering.

Photo courtesy of Karis95

However, online headline readers were quick to anger over the weekend, and they were eager to justify their fury by reading further details of the woman's activities. Ewelina attended a party on Friday night after the accident. She is also known to have cooked a meal for friends on Saturday afternoon.