Senior Official at HSE Sent Wrong Redundancy Package

After a second examination of x-rays taken by a Filipino cruise ship entertainer masquerading as a doctor, a senior official at the Health Service Executive has sent himself a redundancy package advising that his vaginal ultrasound scans are now being reviewed, and that he will be kept informed of any change in diagnosis.
Vaginal Scan

The news has upset the administrator, who was privately inclined to agree with public concerns that there are too many employed at management level within the health service. Now, however, the possible misdiagnosis of a cyst on his vaginal wall more than a year ago may mean that he has to undergo treatment and remain on at the Executive in some sort of clerical capacity.

A preliminary review of at least ten x-rays carried out following recent controversies over misdiagnoses has found that a lump, looking not unlike an oversized but slightly premature newborn male kitten, could in fact be malignant. The HSE official has expressed shock at the findings, given that he had sent the redundancy package via registered mail and expected receipt of nothing other than a cheque, a glowing reference and a letter of termination from himself in the post. Opening the envelope, he was devastated to learn that he had submitted himself to a series of vaginal scans in July 2010, and further, that the tests now revealed that he might have a malignant carcinoma.

Diagram of the vagina

His redundancy package comes at a time when the government is offering severance payments for as many as many thousands of public sector workers. As his was regarded as a test case, the administrator is delighted that the mistake was caught, and he has urged anyone who had tests between April and August 2010 to contact their health professionals as a matter of urgency.