Burnt Toast

Kids – Have you been smoking in the house when you’re not supposed to?

The parents are coming home in twenty minutes, you have all the windows open, but the smell’s not leaving the house?

And air freshener is way too obvious, it’s a dead giveaway, right?

Burn some toast.

Set that toaster to HIGH HIGH HIGH

and get that bread SMOKin’!
Here’s how toast works:
You’ve got tobacco smells in your house. Burnt toast actually overpowers the smell of tobacco, and because it’s a different kind of smoky smell, your parents will just think you burnt some toast.

So next time your parents go away for the weekend, don’t get caught smoking tobacco—get caught smoking bread.

From the same people who brought you the excuse for the condom floating in the toilet. That's right - you were having a water balloon fight, and you don't know what the hell a condom is!